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This brand new release features 14 tracks arranged in a relaxed orchestral style. Recorded primarily on Korg Pa4x Paul Carman has finally got around to making a recording that he hopes will appeal to non organ/keyboard people as well. For this reason he has not put his name or and image of a keyboard on the cover.

The tracks are ideally to just sit, listen and relax to. The 14 tracks include

Albatross, Dances with Wolves, Imagine, Sorry seems to be the hardest word,Scarborough Fair, Londonderry Air, The Isle of Innisfree, Always on my mind etc.

Available now in our shop area.

New CD

Paul and Pete are now available for Korg Pa VIP days. One of us, depending

on our commitments and your location, can be booked for a day session in the comfort of your own home.


Regardless of your current level of knowledge of the product we can

structure a product knowledge session to help you better understand and get the most from the keyboard.


We would suggest a maximum of 2 to 3 hours actual teaching as most people struggle to take in that amount of information in one go.

The cost of this would be £50 per hour + fuel expenses.  We have no objection

to a couple of you getting together at one venue....the price remains the same.

E mail info@korggurus for further information

I am currently looking into the possibility of offering video tuition on a one to one basis via Skype, Facebook Messenger etc. This would of course eliminate travel costs and could be pre booked on an hourly basis.

I will be able to use a 4K camera as my webcam so the quality you see should be excellent. I know many of you have iPads etc. and these would be ideal to carry out on line tuition where both parties can be sat at the keyboard.

Further details to follow shortly.

Getting to Know the Korg Pa4x Vol. 1

Available now on Vimeo.com

The first Part of our Getting to Know the Korg Pa series is now available to download via Vimeo.com.  This is a site similar to YouTube but we can upload in much higher resolution and as most of you now have Tablets/Laptops we thought it best to make it available as a Hi Resolution download that you can watch whilst seated at your keyboard. 

This first part runs for just under 1 hour and covers all the basics you need to know about selecting sounds/styles, mixing sounds, adjusting volumes etc. 

I am pleased to say that everyone who has downloaded it has complimented us on the production and even longer time owners have said they learnt something from watching.

Available to Rent for £6.50 or Buy for £15.95

Scroll down the page until you see a title in blue Getting to know the Korg Pa4x part 1. 

Click on the icon next to the price for rent or buy and follow the payment instructions

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