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Getting to Know the Korg Pa4x DVD's
23 May 2019

We will shortly be introducing our series of DVD's aimed at providing an easy to follow, part by part guide to the Pa4x. Over a period we will be producing the same series for Pa1000/700 owners.

Starting from the basics this series will cover many aspects of using the Pa4x through to some of the more advanced features which you may thought you would never use!

All of the information will be put over in a jargon free, easy to understand way and close ups of both the panel and display screen simultaneously will ensure you don't miss a thing.

We plan to release further DVD's later which will cover specific subjects such as Drawbars, Recording, Effects etc.

Decade Series of Keyboard Sets
25 May 2019

Our own master of the Korg, Pete Shaw, is currently working on a new series of Keyboard Sets based on different Decades. We will begin with the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's and each set will contain 12 superb settings for popular songs/themes or the era. We will rejoice styles for you where appropriate and all voice edits, FX settings and Pads will be pre programmed for you....in fact you will simply need to sit and play. 

We will produce these Sets as Direct files so there is no need to load into the instrument simply insert the USB and read everything direct from the stick.

We welcome Dave Medcalf to our team
25 May 2019

We are so pleased to have secured the services of long time friend and prolific style writer Dave Medcalf. I have know Dave for many years now and he will be working with us to produce new Styles for the whole Pa series. Dave is a great musician in his own right but in recent years he has produced a wide range of styles for many makes of keyboarding so we welcome his input and knowledge of style writing.